Product Code: Panawangan Woman Jacket

Stylish jacket with modern patterns from Asana Batik to be usen on casual event, is Panawangan Woman Jacket, completed with hook buttons on the front.

100% Prime Cotton


Long sleeves

Strap hook on on the front

- International Size

Size Chart

Bust x Waist x Shoulders x Length x Sleeve Length

- S (90 cm x 92cm x 35cm x 58cm x 52cm)

- M (94cm x 96cm x 36cm x 58cm x 53cm)

- L (98cm x 100cm x 37cm x 60cm x 54cm)

- XL (102cm x 104cm x 38cm x 60cm x 55cm)


*Due to the difference between monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

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