Product Code: Truntum Short Sleeves

Optimize you formal style with batik print collection from Asana Batik. Batik Hem with Liris patterns combined with waves patterns with modern pieces shirt and appealing colors.Make you look classy at formal events.

- 100% Prima Cotton

- Black

- Collar detail

- Long sleeves

- Front button

- Front pocket detail

- International Size


Size Chart

Shoulder Width x Chest Width x Length From Shoulder:

- S (45 cm x 54 cm x 70 cm)

- M (46 cm x 56 cm x 72 cm)

- L (47 cm x 58 cm x 74 cm)

- XL (48 cm x 60 cm x 76 cm)


 *Due to the difference between monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.  

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